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Young People and Children

Investing in the younger members of the community…

Young People and Childrens Services

Shantona provides services to young people from BAME backgrounds to have a better start in life and enable them to reach their full potential. Our support is culturally sensitive and uses a child-centered approach. We provide activities for children and young people that are fun, rewarding and educational, and that help to raise their aspirations, improve attainment levels and develop their social skills to contribute and integrate into society.

We run various sessions for young people to help break down barriers and address some of the diffculties young women face, such as community cohesion or sterotypes and discrimination sessions. We are currently working on a range of young people’s services that collaboratively aim to:


  • Create a supportive environment for children and young people’s provision
  • Improve confidence and build resilience
  • Ensure that children and young people do not fall between the gaps in service provision
  • Provide 1:1 support
  • Encourage maximum service user participation in the provision and development of services
  • Reach out to children and young people and signpost them to appropriate services
  • Increase the participation of social and personal development opportunities for young people to reduce isolation
  • Raise awareness and engaging young people in developing capabilities in leadership which allow young people to play a  stronger role within their community to bring change
  • Increase the knowledge and understanding of the diversity of people and cultures within the local community.
  • Promote healthy relationships
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Without Fear (CSE Support Service)

Working to improve young people’s understanding of CSE, ensuring they feel safe.

Youth Club

Providing a safe, nurturing environment for young people to socialise together.

Domestic Violence

Increasing the understanding of healthy relationships, encouraging young people to become ambassadors to break the cycle of generational abuse and to challenge negative cultural norms.