Agency Referrals

Youth Club

8-13 Years

Youth club provides a safe space where our trained staff are always on hand for a friendly ear and advice. A place to relax, take some time for themselves, make friends and most importantly have fun! We offer a variety of fun and engaging activities for girls aged 8-13 years.

  • Improving essential skills e.g teamwork, presenting and problem-solving.

  • Feel inspired about the future and empowered to be happy being your true self.

  • Developing confidence and self-esteem to make positive healthy relationships.

  • Improved fitness.

  • Reduced isolation.

The youth club runs every Thursday between 5-7pm and on Sunday 11-1pm at the Bangladeshi centre. Sessions are on site and use groupwork, discussions, arts and crafts to engage young women. Also visits to the local park and orienteering through Gledhow Valley Woods. Activities such as Mauy Thai boxing, cricket/ tennis sessions and walks at local parks Outdoor trips include bowling, ice skating, climbing and other fun adventures!

How to register

Self-referral via the Shantona website –  get support

Agency referrals via the shantona website –  agency referral

For agency referrals you will need to contact Shantona for a username and password to access the system. Or contact Shantona directly to speak to Sabah

Contact details for more info

Name:  Sabah Parveen

Contact Number: 0113 249 7120