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Employment Support(Shoman Adhikhar)

Shoman Adhikhar

Shoman Adhikhar delivers customised training and employment support to vulnerable and isolated BAME women in East Leeds. This valuable section of the community often face barriers to engage in economic activities. This project will support local women to realise and value their potential as well as progress into training and employment pathways.

What support can we give you?

There are a number or ways we can supoprt local women as part of the Shoman Adhikhar project, all of which will be tailored to suit your needs and the barriers you face. This can include:

  • Creating opportunities and support women in gaining training and employment
  • Understanding the job market and how to apply for jobs
  • Employment Drop-Ins
  • Matching skills and experience to job description or self employment options
  • one-to-one support and access to a computer and wifi
  • Help to improve confidence in speaking, reading and writing English
  • Practical help to improve CV writing, job application forms and mock interviews
  • Workshops looking at self-employment requirements, e.g Health and Safety; Bookkeeping, Finance; registering a business (tailored to requirement)
  • Build on exisiting skills
  • Build resilence and confidence
  • Boost independence

How to register

Initial registration can be through telephone or referral. Arrangements will be make for one-to-one customised support to suit individual requirements, taking into consideration current social distancing policies. If you would like a further discussion or would like to make a referral, please do not hesitate to contact or call 0113 249 7120.

In addition, if there are any employers who would like to support this project by offering to deliver a talk to the group or host a group visit in the future, pleas get in touch with Jaan. These activities will help boost the knowledge and confidence of project participants.