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Training Professionals

"Thank you so much for today. It was really fantastic. One of the best trainings I have been to- so thoughtful and informative. The depth and knoweldge of Shantona as an organisation shone through."
Attendee from Tender (Faith, Islam and DV workshop)


We know that creating the best outcomes for BAMER families starts with understanding communities. With over 21 years of experience in Leeds, Shantona has developed a unique way of working that puts families and culture at the centre of practice. We want to share this with professionals to equip you to do your best work.

We work with professionals to boost your cultural competence, challenge myths and strengthen practitioner’s knowledge and confidence to work effectively with South Asian communities and other communities of BAMER backgrounds. See below for the types of sessions we can offer.We are able to deliver a wide range of sessions all rooted in the specialist way Shantona works with BAMER families. Our sessions take a workshop style with interactive elements

Specialist topic sessions:
Culturally informed best practice working with south asian families and

  • Domestic Violence
  • Mental Health
  • Child Sexual Exploitation
  • Forced Marriage and Learning Disabilities
  • Islamophobia
"I feel more confident about approaching issues of faith with callers, thanks to Shantona's guidance around how to gently explpre those issues while vaildating people's experiences. The session has given me a stronger awareness of the distinguishable dynamics that affect South Asian victims of DV and I will keep this in mind when speaking to callers."
Attendee from Samaritans (Domestic violence workshop)

Physical Health and wellbeing
Multicultural food tool resource and accompanying training

Youth sessions
We can offer sessions for young people on a range of topics with our same, culturally informed, approach. There are a range of sessions we can deliver from gender stenotypes, domestic violence and healthy relationships. If you choose a Shantona School Partner package, we can offer a discounted rate for an additional staff session by picking from any of our professionals training.

Tailored training
We can help boost your team’s knowledge and confidence in a bespoke session designed around your organisation’s needs. We will work with you to craft learning objectives to suit your team and can run one-off workshops to a series of multiple trainings based on any of our specialisms at Shantona.

Get in touch
If you’d like to book a session for your team or enquire for any bespoke sessions please contact We are open to multi-agency bookings. We charge a discounted price for charities and schools.

"Thank you for an informative and thoughtful session. I felt Shantona set the tone very well to make it ok to explore these issues and to be reassured that its ok not to know. I enjoyed the style of the session, the discussions in the break out rooms as it helped guide in participants without it being too challenging. I don't think I'd change anything about the session."
Attendee from Safer Leeds (Islamophobia Awareness workshop)