If you are an individual or business that would like to donate to the Shantona Womens Centre then we have three causes outlines below for which we would appreciate any amount of funding you can give to help us continue with our vital work within the community. To make a donation please contact us.

Shantona is a multi-service organisation that deals with the many issues faced by women and their families in the BME community. To deal with these issues as effectively as possible, particularly for our domestic violence work and our elderly women group we need your help and support so we can provide the best service possible to those who need it most.

Domestic Violence Support

At Shantona we deal with women fleeing from domestic violence. In some cases these women have left their homes without any belongings as their lives and their children's are in immediate danger. These women don’t always have access to their benefits/bank accounts or those of their children. This results in them not having any access to money and therefore not being able to buy food or clothes. This adds to their worries as well leaving them feeling vulnerable and isolated. At Shantona we try our upmost to help with as much financial and clothing support as possible. This is either through staff contributions or donations from the public and local communities.

If you would like to make a donation to help Shantona with our domestic violence support then please follow the link below.








Elderley Support

Due to funding cuts a lot of the services offered by Shantona have been limited therefore impacting on what we can offer to the community. One of the other areas that we work in and require funding for is with the elderly women of the community. The service we offer provides activities to the elderly that help to stabilise their mental health, well-being and break isolation by arranging activities for them as well as their families. This gives them the confidence and stability to interact with others thus positively impacting on their mental health. To promote well-being we take our elderly support group out on trips to local parks, garden centres, weekly swimming sessions and exercise classes.

If you would like to make a donation to this service then please follow the link below.








To find out about other ways in which you can donate to the Shantona Centre then please contact us on 0113 249 7120.