Bridging the gap between cultures

Shantona Women’s Centre is a unique service that provides women, children, young people and families with an open and transparent support system.

Our family support service offers a holistic approach to dealing with many diverse and complex issues. With over 8 languages spoken at the centre, we pride ourselves on having a multi-cultural team of workers who collectively bring together a broad range of experiences, different ideas and create a solid and knowledgeable support system for those who need it.

Shantona are currently working towards:

1. Engaging the hardest to reach families within the community who, even though are at their most vulnerable, are not identified as being so by other service providers

2. Supporting parents, children, young people and partners to raise their aspirations and improve behaviour, attendance and achievements

3. Increasing the number of young people in employment, education and training

4. Reducing inequality and promoting better health within the community


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