Think Family

Shantona offers intensive support to families with children aged 5-13 years old. Our staff have local community knowledge and a deep understanding about cultural sensitivity when dealing with our users. Despite the stigma attached to the issues around domestic violence and mental health, this project has managed to give service users the confidence to speak out and approach Shantona for family support and advice, which of course is a huge step for them. The project was sub-contracted through Barnardos.

Our work has been to those affected by:

• Domestic violence

• Alcohol/substance abuse

• Poor parental mental/physical health

• Substandard housing

• Those with significant difficulties in children’s behaviour management

• Parents/carers with learning difficulties

• Difficulties in managing households and budgeting

Shantona has supported 214 people including:

• 30 families who received one-to-one intensive support within their family home or place of choice

• 3 parenting programmes. Each programme covered 7 different elements that involved helping families improve their health and well-being through swimming, healthy eating sessions and walking their way to health etc.

• 70 children/young people with after-school clubs, play schemes and Shantona family outings

Signposting/referrals to other specialist agencies as well as in-house referrals


Mother who fled from domestic violence:
"Shantona Family Support was there when I had no one, they supported me getting better after my fall and prevented my children from going into permanent care." 

If you would like to speak to anyone at the centre for help and advice with family and community support then please contact us through either our contact form or on 0113 249 7120.