Maternity Outreach

The aim of the Maternity Outreach Volunteers (MOV’s) project is to reduce the increased rates of infant deaths amongst babies of South Asian, African and Caribbean origin or those born to teenage and single mothers. We are doing this by training volunteers from Black and Minority (BME) backgrounds to share information with others within their community. 

Over 20 local women from BME backgrounds attended our last training session. It covered a variety of maternity topics over an 8 week period, delivering over 30 hours of training time.

Our training is provided by our project partners such as NHS Leeds and Touchstone. For the volunteer recruitment we worked together with other local organisations such as Haamla, Feel good Factor, RETAS, Healthy Living Networks and Leeds City College (Thomas Danby site). By working together with our partners, we delivered a high quality course at minimal cost.


Strongest points of delivery

• The training includes information on topics that affect pregnancy outcomes such as late antenatal bookings, breastfeeding uptake, teenage pregnancy, smoking and obesity during pregnancy.

• Some of the topics studied gained national or regional qualifications

• A variety of activities are planned to keep the commitment going such as issuing certificates, holding celebratory events and regular support sessions.

Future Plans

Besides the training, we will support the volunteers to enhance their future job prospects. We will offer one to one support on entering the job market or enrolling into further education.  We expect to complete two training cohorts and retain a group of volunteers, establish a training course and develop career opportunities that may link to further volunteering or paid work.

In brief, this is a project to train volunteer women from local BME communities who will share their newly acquired knowledge with others in their own communities.  This will help us reach people in culturally appropriate and sensitive ways and in the language that they can understand

If you would like to take part in our maternity outreach program or would just like some more information then please contact us on 0113 249 7120.

This project is sponsored by the Volunteering Fund