Since July 2010 our new connexions PA has focused on raising the profile and presence of Shantona in delivering a comprehensive service to local young people.

Shantona has been successfully engaging young people from the young community especially those from Bangladeshi backgrounds. Sessions based around community cohesion, stereotypes and discrimination proved successful in helping break down barriers and addressing some of the difficulties faced by young women.

One of Shantona's priorities especially with the connexions group is to re-engage young people who are at risk of becoming disengaged or not in any education, employment or training (NEET). Lots of our young people become NEET due to a lack of skills, cultural barriers and various other reasons and at Shantona we try to prevent and help these situations where possible.

Services we provide

Shantona help young people to build their confidence, independence and raise aspirations. We have done this by:

• Supporting young people and their families through mediations

• One to one support services to resolve the issues that are affecting their lives

• Helping young people to develop their C.V and gain experiences through volunteering opportunities 

• Drop in sessions at various schools

• Visits to the theatre, arts and crafts evenings, Bollywood dancercise classes and visits to the German market in winter

• Over 40 young people accessed our services.

Some of the activities organised by connexions were greatly appreciated as an opportunity to learn and obtain new experiences that perhaps they have not previously had access to due to a variety of circumstances


Due to national cuts in the voluntary sector, reduced hours and resources will bring huge challenges. However we are working hard to reduce the risk of impact on the connexions and young people’s services at Shantona. In future we would like to continue to work with young people in re-engaging them back into education, employment or training.


If you would like free help and advice about how our connexions service can help you or your family then please contact us today either by filling out our contact form or by calling us on 0113 249 7120.