Youth Club

Since 1998 we have been providing support to children and young people to raise their aspirations, improve attainment levels and we have helped parents engage in their children’s education. The project has been significantly advanced since winning the tender.

Through this project we have:

• Improved the attainment level of over 70% of children who regularly attended the program

• Developed better and structured partnerships with schools, direct referral systems and reporting mechanisms

• Run sessions for parents to safeguard their children

• Held three sessions a week under the guidance of qualified tutors and mentors

• Had over 80 children attending in school holiday activities

• Supported 155 children with their homework

• Helped 12 children who had been referred through a school or social worker that had behavioural problems. 

• Worked in conjunction with 5 primary schools

• Started helping 5 supplementary schools and Madras’ get support to develop their quality standards and gain their Quality Framework Award for bronze and silver awards

Our homework club sessions are currently being held in partner schools which are led by the mentor. There are currently 3 separate sessions ongoing in Bankside, Hillcrest and Hovingham Primary. This has been regulated with assessments throughout the various stages of children attending the sessions.

Shantona also provides parenting courses which equip parents and extended families with key parenting skills. As many South Asian families live in joint family situations many family members share the role of child carer so it is important to address to the community what issues can occur from this.

Our youth club has proven to be an essential service for the community. If you would like more information then please contact us.