Mobile Creche

Shantona has been successful in winning the tender to deliver mobile crèche provisions for three children centres across North-East Leeds.

The commissioned work not only helped us support parents into various programmes through the Children Centres but also created opportunities for local women, who otherwise would have been unemployed.

All staff members are from the local community, speak different languages and can communicate effectively with parents.

Side-by-side we have provided crèche provisions for children, giving their parents time to attend activities and courses provided by Shantona. Since last year we have had over 257 parents and children using the crèche and many more using our services through different projects. We have provided crèche facilities for a variety of activities such as ESOL, sewing classes, health courses and the PAT project as well as half term activities.


Samina Ismail, Parent:

"This is an essential and beneficial service for our children. The children are doing many different activities and are kept stimulated and motivated. The staff are all friendly and look after the children wonderfully. I am a working parent and think that this service is essential."

Our mobile creche services have been a huge success within the community. Please click here if you would like to contact us for more information about this service.